The Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, the Banco de la Republica and the Universidad del Rosario are delighted to host the 2nd Workshop on Structural Industrial Organization to be held in Bogotá, Colombia, on the 4-5 of October 2018.
The workshop is designed to promote and discuss the state of the art in Structural Industrial Organization. The program will combine applied and theoretical work from world-class scholars.

Call for Papers
The program committee invites the submission of papers (either complete or works in progress) on the implementation and estimation of structural models in Industrial Organization and related fields.
The workshop program consists of contributed and invited sessions.

Extendend deadline for paper submissions to 16th of September 


Prospective contributors are invited to submit their papers by Sunday, September 16th 2018 to
The following information should also be provided at the time of submission: the authors' names, affiliations, email addresses and the paper title.

We are pleased to announce the invited speakers for 2018.

Invited Speakers

Prof. Ariel Pakes
Harvard University

Prof. Victor Aguirregabiria
University of Toronto

Prof. Pierre Dubois
Toulouse School of Economics

Prof. Paola Bordon
Universidad Alberto Hurtado

Prof. Jorge Balat
University of Texas at Austin

Prof. Pietro Tebaldi
University of Chicago

Prof. Mo Xiao
University of Arizona

Prof. Marcela Eslava
Universidad de los Andes

Prof. Gastón Illanes
Northwestern University

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Contact Andres Luengo for further inquiries


Call for Papers: July 18 to August 19
Evaluation: August 20 to August 26
Committee Decision: August 26
Registration Deadline: September 7


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