Publicaciones Recientes Profesores de Economía

Uno de los principales canales de comunicación de las investigaciones de los profesores del Departamento de Economía es la publicación de artículos en revistas indexadas, tanto a nivel nacional como a nivel internacional.

Michael PenfoldJavier Corrales y Gonzalo Hernández, 2014. "Los invencibles: la reelección presidencial y los cambios constitucionales en América Latina", Revista de Ciencia Política, 34(3), 537-559.

Gonzalo Hernández y Arslan Razmi, 2014. "Latin America after the global crisis: the role of export-led and tradable-led growth regimes", International Review of Applied Economics, 28(6), 713-741.

Edgar Villa, Martha A. Misas y Andrés F. Giraldo, 2014. "Inflation Targeting and an Optimal Taylor Rule for an Open Economy: Evidence for Colombia 1990-2011", Latin American Journal of Economics-formerly Cuadernos de Economía, Instituto de Economía. Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile., vol. 51(1), pages 41-83, May.

Luis Carlos Reyes, 2014. "Estimating the causal effect of forced eradication on coca cultivation in Colombian municipalities", World Development 61 (2014): 70-84.

Gabriel Ignacio Penagos Londoño, 2013. "The Effects of Systemic Risk on the Allocation between Value and Growth Portfolios", Journal Of Mathematical Finance, ISSN: 2162-2434, v.3, p.165 - 180.

Gonzalo Hernández Jiménez y Arslan Razmi, 2013. "Can Asia sustain an export-led growth strategy in the aftermath of the global crisis? Exploring a neglected aspect"Journal of Asian Economics, 29, p.p. 45-61.

Gonzalo Hernández Jiménez, 2013. "Terms of Trade and Output Fluctuations in Colombia", CEPAL Review, No. 110, Pages 109-131.

Ana María Díaz, 2013. "Informal Referrals, Employment, and Wages: Seeking Causal Relationships", LABOUR, 26: 1-30.

Jorge Restrepo, Fionn Murtagh y Michael Spagat, 2011. "Ultrametric Wavelet Regression of Multivariate Time Series: Application to Colombian Conflict Analysis", IEEE Transactions on Systems Man and Cybernetics Part A-Systems and Humans, 41, pp.254-263.

Jorge Restrepo, Michael Spagat y Juan F. Vargas, 2006. "The Severity of the Colombian Conflict: Cross-Country Datasets versus New Micro Data", Journal of Peace Research, 43, pp. 99-115

Jorge Restrepo y Michael Spagat, 2005. "Colombia's Tipping Point?", Revista Survival, 47, pp. 131-152

Ana María Díaz, 2005. "Breaking the Cycle of Underinvestment in Human Capital in Latin America", con O. Arias y M. Fazio. In Poverty Reduction and Growth: Virtuous and Vicious Circles, Chapter 10. World Bank Latin American and Caribbean Studies.


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